Top Things to Demand in a Savvy Food Truck Design

Your ability to run a successful food truck business relies on a number of pieces, and one of the biggest components that will play a pivotal role in your success revolves around food truck design. But let’s be clear as to what a food truck design really is. When most people think of a food truck design, their mind goes to the exterior food truck design such as graphics, paint job and vinyl wraps. But one must have a holistic outlook on a food truck design, and this means the platform design, goal objectives and exterior look all play heavily into running a profitable food truck business. That is why it is crucial to work with a food truck company that creates a food truck design geared for your business, customers, and that will help you hit your growth goals. 

Your Food Truck Design Must be Goal Driven

Unfortunately, there are a lot of food truck companies that try to upsell their clients on everything from food truck equipment and technology, to an upgraded food truck design. But at the end of the day, if the investment isn’t aligned to help you achieve your business growth goals, then the food truck design is worthless. Make sure your food truck design is built to facilitate your business model and growth goals above all else, then have your food truck builder make it look phenomenal so it resonates with your buyers. 

Here is an example of a food truck design scenario where it is aligned with a business owner’s goals. Imagine a standard taco truck with a two-person team. To run their business they need a medium-sized refrigerator, prep space for two, and a griddle. But once the food truck business hits its high revenue target, the owner intends to hire two more employees, add a rotisserie, a fryer, and serve an additional 7 other menu items that feature rotisserie chicken in classic Mexican dishes. This means the food truck design must call for a platform that will accommodate the current needs, yet have extra room to facilitate the needs once the business is ready to grow while not building too big and therefore incurring additional expenses.  

A Good Food Truck Design Uses the Best Materials

If your food truck builder tries to sell you on a food truck design with a hook that you will save money, but the materials are low quality, don’t give in to temptation. The best food truck design will have an interior that is stainless steel through and through. Stainless steel is easy to clean and more resilient to bacteria, while cheaper porous countertops and floors are more difficult to clean and can trap bacteria where mold grows, and all it takes is one surprise visit from the Health Department to find less than ideal conditions and your A rating can go to a B. And, according to a Quara Report, food trucks that drop from an A to a B rating lose an average of 85 percent of their customers.