4 Tips for Finding the Best Product Packaging Companies

Whether you are a brand that has been around for decades and you are looking to refresh your image with new product packaging, or you are a new startup and are still trying to figure our how to create retail boxes that resonate with your buyer personas, you will need to do some research and work with the best product packaging companies available. But simply finding a product packaging company is no easy task. It requires a great degree of legwork, time, and requires manpower to be pulled from performing other tasks paramount to your growth.

That said, this article is intended to help CEOs, brand managers, and internal marketing teams learn how to search through various product packaging companies, and to help you find the best one capable of helping your company hit its growth goals and stand out as an industry leader.

Look for Product Packaging Companies that can Deliver any Packaging Type

When looking for the best product packaging companies, you will want to nail down a few on your short list that offer every type of retail packaging for any need. These will include litholam corrugate packaging, folding cartons, plastic / PET, rigid boxes, video boxes, subscription boxes and pop displays, to name a new.

In addition to providing any boxing type, the best product packaging companies will collaborate with their clients to learn about the retail goods, the target buyers, and the brand’s image they are trying to project to consumers. Some products need specialized boxing types to protect the products from damage, while other product packaging types need to make parts of the items visible to consumers. So make sure the product packaging companies you research not only provide all packaging types, but know how to pair the right solutions with desired products.

The Best Product Packaging Companies have worked with Top Brands

All it takes is one little mistake to create heavy losses in the world or retail packaging. That said, look for product packaging companies that have big brand names on their client portfolio. For example, brands like Pepsi, the NFL and Olay would not partner with any lackluster packaging printing company. If the product packaging companies you are interviewing were good enough for brands like the NFL, then you can rest assured they are good enough for you and will do a solid professional job in helping you increase sales with innovative packaging.

Look at the Product Packaging Company Blog

Blogging is one way to show that product packaging companies are knowledgeable. Blogging also demonstrates the scope of their skills and ability to provide the best packaging printing solutions for their clients, while showcasing that they care about being an industry leader by playing a role in educating their customers or brand heads who are looking to learn more about the world of retail packaging. Make sure the product packaging company you are considering working with has a blog, and read through that blog to see if the content resonates and fills you with confidence.