Where is the Value in Hiring a Jacoby and Meyers Personal Injury Attorney in California?

While some people can change their own car’s oil, or do plumbing repairs in their home, people are not able to represent themselves in a personal injury case and get the same results an attorney would. But lawyers are expensive, right? Actually, no. When you partner with the best personal injury attorney you will almost always get a higher settlement and walk away with significantly more money, even after paying your legal fee. 

So where is the real value in working with a personal injury attorney? This article is designed to reveal these pockets while demonstrating why it is a bad idea to represent yourself thinking you will save money.

A Personal injury Attorney has Studied Law and Has Experience

Just because you have a high IQ and a PhD in history don’t think for one minute that you are capable of representing yourself in a personal injury case and get a high compensation figure. 

First of all, there is a thing called law school, and in your third year of law school you take an internship where you gain real experience as you learn. Then you take the bar exam, and if you don’t pass, you can’t practice law. However, as important as all of this is, one’s ability to be a personal injury attorney doesn’t just come down to an academic resume and passing California’s Bar Examination. Having comprehensive knowledge of the law, years of litigation experience, experience in navigating insurance companies and standing up to their legal teams and adjusters, and having a research team, expert team members, an array of industry expert witnesses, and other things that a self-proclaimed lawyer lacks, is just scraping the surface when it comes to unveiling what a personal injury attorney does, and why you need one.All of these considerations lend to the overall value you get when partnering with a personal injury attorney, so go for experience. 

A Jacoby and Meyers Personal Injury Attorney Knows the Insurance Claims Adjusters and Lawyers

Keep in mind that insurance companies are dead set on paying you as little as possible, and downplaying the severity of your accident and injuries. They have claims adjusters that have been taking advantage of people for years, and entire legal teams that back them up. Jacoby and Meyers has more than 48 years of experience in standing up to the insurance companies, and when you partner with a personal injury lawyer from our firm, the insurance companies already know who we are, and they know not to push as hard as they would otherwise. They also know that they will not succeed in lowering your settlement, so there is tons of value in working with our accident lawyers based on our reputation with insurance companies alone. 

Our Personal Injury Attorney Ensures You get the Best Medical Treatment

A personal injury attorney from Jacoby and Meyers prioritizes the health and wellness of our clients. The first thing you should do after an accident is seek immediate medical attention, no matter how your injuries may appear at the time. Then, once a doctor has determined that you are in stable condition, call us for a free consultation. While we build your case, our team will ensure that you get the right treatments, medications, and any medical devices, right away. We also make sure you go to the right specialists, and we work to ensure that you are not left with any crippling medical bills once your case is over and you have your settlement in hand.