Spa in the hotel sector

Currently, many hotel companies have decided to expand their services to provide customers with a complete experience, and one of the favorite services to achieve this goal is through the spa. This type of center or space is well known, but few people know all the treatments that can be offered within these places. It is essential to clarify that spas do not only offer massages, but there is a wide variety of procedures that can be done by the people who work inside the establishment. But, usually, hotels like Todos Santos hotel can only offer based treatments, such as massages.

Starting from the most every day, massage is the procedure par excellence.

Relaxing: It is a therapy that has the purpose of improving a person’s well-being. This is carried out through movements that the masseur will make to rest each part of the body. Many people prefer this type of massage, especially when they go to a room where they have the purpose of resting and being relaxed.

Decontracting: This type of massage is more common in athletes as they can often present contractures. This is generated because the muscles are not allowed to relax, which causes them to tense and hurt. The movements, unlike the relaxing massage, are more muscular. This type of massage is ideal for all adventurers who attend places near the beach or where more extreme experiences are provided.

Molding: Just as their name says, they are those that are destined to mold the body of people. For this type of massage, the therapist or masseur will perform movements to destroy the fat and contour the silhouette. Although this type of massage is not common, hotels focused on medical tourism can provide this service or a lymphatic massage.

We can say that these are the best-known massages, of these three variations arise as hot stones, massage with bamboo, among others. Followed by these treatments, the facials are also well known within this area.

Deep cleansing facial: It is characterized by the elimination of comedones that can damage the skin’s appearance. As well as the relaxing massage, superficial facial cleaning is very popular for those people who like to look good.

Moisturizers: They are intended to improve and provide hydration to skins with a tendency to dryness. This is due to the use of cabbage products with high amounts of nutrients and moisturizing components. This service is very requested in places where the climate causes a lot of dryness or liquids loss.

Depending on the hotel and its location, some estancias offer treatments that need professionals to perform specific processes. Still, thanks to their proximity to some point of nature, some hotels can provide unique services, as it is in the Rivera Maya area.

Definitely, the spas found within the hotels are ideal places to live unique experiences, mainly because when looking for a moment of relaxation, the services offered to enhance such state, that’s why it’s more and more frequent that these types of estancias have a spa in their facilities. Because the moment the client feels satisfied, it will cause that in the future, go back to the hotel.