3 Top Spaces Where a Cell Phone Charging Table is a Great Investment

As you know, people’s lives revolve around their cell phones and mobile devices. From managing their professional lives with Google calendars to stay organized with meetings, travel plans and presentations, to keeping track of parenting responsibilities like PTA meetings, to having those reminders go off that remind us to pick up our dry cleaning, the average human life runs on technology, so having a place to keep mobile devices charged no matter where people are, is crucial.

But knowing what type of cell phone charging station to use based on the type of space and foot traffic is crucial to seeing a high return on your investment. This article is intended to help business owners, organization heads, school board members and principals, library directors and service industry leaders see the value in investing with companies that design a cell phone charging table, in addition to other charging solutions.

  1. A Cell Phone Charging Table is Ideal for Libraries

People go to libraries for two main reasons: to find books to take home, and to find books to use on the premises as they study. A cell phone charging table (several of them) is an ideal investment to improve the customer experience at a library because it allows users to keep their laptops, tablets and cell phones charging as they use the work surface to work on their essays, research papers, or latest book. Libraries are starting to fizzle out, sadly. So when you add a cell phone charging table or six to every floor, and every major area of the library, you give people a reason to stay longer, keep coming back, and with that comes a thriving environment.

  1. Cafes and Restaurants

Any business owner or manager in the food and beverage industry knows that the longer you can get patrons to stay, the more food and beverages you will sell. That’s why bartenders with awesome personalities make their establishment more money; because people want to stay, and therefore they order more drinks. When cafes and restaurants add phone charging tables to their establishments, they give people a greater reason to stay. Besides, working on a paper at a coffee shop is as common as volleyball on a beach. So when you improve the guest experience by giving people a place to work where they can also charge their devices, you can expect to sell a few extra lattes, sandwiches, and see lots of repeat customers.

  1. Every School Campus Needs a Cell Phone Charging Table

Whether we are talking about K-12, colleges, or trade schools, an academic campus is an ideal environment for having a cell phone charging table in the quad, library, cafeteria, and in a number of other prime spots where foot traffic is high. Study halls normally don’t have places where students can plug in their laptops and phones to charge. By installing a cell phone charging station in multiple areas of campus, students, faculty and parents will be delighted at the attempts made to improve the lifestyle of all who utilize those spaces.