We Built this City …

By: Rob Adams on June 5, 2013

on Rock and Roll on our new Project Table! We haven’t blogged in a while, and its not because we’re not doing anything. In fact, we’ve been totally absorbed working to build the best summer camp experience we can. And we had a great time last week! Our first camp was City Builders. The kids designed and built their own city!. It was quite a challenge for eight 7-10 yr olds but they did it. Check out some of the pictures below.

The team chose the name Mind Green for their city. They wanted an environmentally friendly city, which explains the Green. I don’t know where the Mind came from :).



Here is a close up of the recreactional district. As you can see, we used a combination of 3d prints for major buildings, laser cut flat pieces to represent houses and schools, and LEGO’s when the kids wanted to represent a structure or facility that we didn’t already have. The parks and recreation part of the team worked hard on their area.IMG_0582[1]I wish I had got a similar picture of downtown. That subteam did an excellent job as well. You can see some of it in the shot below if you zoom in on the table.



But don’t forget to look at the entire design team for Mind Green. Quite an accomplished young group.

IMG_0580[1] We will be offering this class again on August 12. We expect to take it to another level too! We will have 5 days instead of 4 that week so that’s a whole ‘nother day of plotting the worlds best place to live (next to Huntsville/Madison of course). Also we have several slots left in our classes next week. If you need your little guy or girl to get out of the house but want to expand their mind then check us out! Our classes for the 7-10 age group next week are Entrepreneurship, where they’ll build and operate their own business as a game while buying and selling from the other kids, and Jr. Builders of Tomorrow, where each day they will build a different structure, like bridges, skyscrapers, airplanes and a rocket.