The start of Fab Academy 2013

By: Rob Adams on February 26, 2013

As some of you may know I (Tia) am currently taking Fab Academy, under the leadership of a Fab Lab in Providence RI. This is a semester long class with a heavy work load. Each week involves a different aspect of Fab Lab building and making, from 3D printing to making a larger object on the CNC to building our own arduino-like board. This all ends in a cumulative project. For my final project, I will create a BrushBot racetrack. We use the Brush Bots during birthday parties, and we curently have a basic track, but I will be expanding on that. The track itself will be cut out on the CNC, and landscape details will be added by the laser cutter, 3D printer and vinyl cutter. Additionally, there will be a flashing light at the end of the track which will indicate the winner (through use of an IR sensor).

The first few weeks have focused on modeling software and the concept of Fab Labs. Now we have moved into actually making things – members may have heard me grumbling about my homework. It is hard to go back to being a student after having been a professor, and more so in a new field of study. I will continue to post updates about my progress. Maybe next Spring  you will be doing Fab academy here at MindGear Labs.