The First Invention at MindGear

By: Rob Adams on April 12, 2013

By Rob

I’m quite excited to tell everyone about the first invention created at MindGear. Marc Trepanier won our Pet Product Innovation Competition back in January. His concept was the Canine Cabana (TM). See what I did there, I put a TM next to the Canine Cabana. I can do that because Marc has already filed a trademark and a patent application.

I hope I can do justice to Marc’s invention. The Canine Cabana (TM) is a piece of outdoor furniture for your dog. The Cabana has a fabric bed that gets the dog up off the ground, so he’s cooler in the summer. And he has a awning to provide shade. Its like a hammock for your dog!

So for the competition Marc developed a 1/4 scale prototype for the judges to examine. After winning and receiving some suggestions from the judges, he did some redesign and came up with a new prototype. They came in and cut out the prototype on the CNC. The fish panels are from something else, and they wanted to do something with the scrap wood.

IMG_0401[1]And the assembled product is shown below. Still needs the awnings, but it assembles easily and doesn’t need fasteners. Marc is still refining his design and working his business plan – I suspect we will be hearing more about his progress in the future!

canine cabanaOh by the way, if you’re concerned that designing that invention in the back of your mind is too hard then you should know, Marc is 13.