TableTop Day!

By: Rob Adams on March 18, 2013


So… Felica Day and others have announced Table Top Day, a day for playing board games. We have all the equipment you need to prototype your own board game. And there have been a number of board games prototyped and funded on Kickstarter lately, including one from Huntsville. So we thought to ourselves, “What if we had an event where everyone could build their own board game!” So that is what we are doing!

Also we are setting up a workshop once a month so that folks that are interested in the fab lab have a way to test the waters. This month’s workshop is … yep … making board games. So for $20 you’ll get a box and all the materials needed to make your own game. You can cut out pieces on the laser cutter, print board maps on the large format printer and mount it to chipboard, print decals and other accents on the vinyl cutter or print complex pieces on the 3d printer. Reserve your spot for Saturday, March 30 and start planning your game now.