Spacecraft Design Summer Camp

By: Rob Adams on May 22, 2013

IMG_0550[1]We’re working hard to create a summer camp where the kids are challenged but don’t notice it because they’re having a blast (get it — blast?)  These kids are going to design their own spacecraft and then assemble a model based on their design. Sounds too good to be true? We’ll we’re simplifying a lot of the design so they just need to pick and choose what they want their spacecraft to do. But of course we need to leave them enough decisions so that they have ownership of the design, and don’t feel like they were railroaded into a particular concept. Fortunately in giving them lots of options we also gain the opportunity to educate them on their choices. After all you’ll need to understand the difference between a nuclear and chemical rocket to pick between the two.

Not only are they going to design their spacecraft they’ll also choose the mission. Will they go to Mars, or the Moon? Crewed or robotic missions? How will they power the vehicle? So many choices with so many consequences.

in preparation for the camp Micheal has been building models of different spacecraft. He’s been sizing tanks and building wire frames so that come next week our students will be able to knock theirs out with minimum fuss. Micheal also built a framework for a lunar lander. Above is our picture of it in front of the Norman Rockwell painting of the first step on the moon.

If your son or daughter wants to explore space this summer we still have slots open.