Santa’s Lab 2015

By: Rob Adams on April 24, 2015

Santas Lab 2015Santas Lab 2015 Poster

Where: MindGear Labs, 8331 Madison Blvd

When:Alternating Tuesdays starting May 12 (6-8pm).

Why: To help children in need in 2015!

Please come help us design toys for the 2015 holiday season. As a “Design Elf” you will create a toy for children (ages PreK to Teen) in the greater Huntsville area. These toys will be manufactured using the rapid prototyping equipment at MindGear Labs. These are special toys, because they can be personalized for each child and they are a gift from the community.

We also need Shop Elves in November to run the equipment and cut parts and Assembly Elves in December to do the final assembly, painting and wrapping of toys.

Check our progress on Pinterest! We will periodically post the work of the Design Elves to get feedback from the community!

Do you represent a group that helps children in need? We would like to talk to you about helping your children.

Do you wish to donate to this worthy cause? Corporate sponsorships are available. Contact


Q: How long have you been doing Santa’s Lab?

A: We started in 2013, and made 75 toys for local children and worked through four different charities. In 2014 we made 150 toys, and this year we are shooting for 300!

Q: Do you give donations to individuals?

A: Sorry, we only work through charities.

Q: What is it like to work as an assembly elf?

A: Check out the video here!

Q: I want to help as a design elf, but don’t know if I can commit to every other Tuesday. What should I do?

A: Go ahead and come! We don’t expect everyone to make every meeting.

Q: I just found out about you! Is it too late to help design toys?

A: No, it isn’t! We always have room for more volunteers. We will help you get caught up and part of the design process.


Design Elves Meeting – Tuesday 5/12

Design Elves Meeting – Tuesday 5/26