Santa’s Lab 2014

By: Rob Adams on December 7, 2014

There are a number of boys and girls in our community that are tonight facing serious illnesses, or don’t know where their parents are. Santa’s Lab intends to put a custom toy in each of these children’s hands. When these children go through their darkest hour we hope that knowing that someone in the community cared enough to make them a toy that was made specifically for them might bring them some comfort.

We have volunteers (Elf Designers) working over the year coming up with new toy designs. In November we compile those efforts into a catalog and send it out to local children’s organizations. Here are the organizations we have worked with since we started into 2013.

2013: Manna House, Harris Home, The Care Center

2014: Manna House, Harris Home, Huntsville Housing Authority

We’re always looking for more organizations to assist. If you represent an organization and would like to work with Santa’s Lab please contact

Then after we compile the requests from each organization we get to work building the toys. Our Elf Assemblers work 4 hour shifts on weekends in December. Our elves work on the assembly line while filling up with cookies and Santa makes an appearance. Check out the stop motion video below showing toys being assembled in 2014.

Starting in 2015 all donations to Santa’s Lab will also support providing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics classes and activities to these same children. Together we can help these kids break the cycle and lead happy, productive lives! You can make a tax-deductible contribution here.