Ribbon Cutting – Part 2

By: Rob Adams on February 27, 2013

Hey everyone, I finally got together the pictures from our Ribbon Cutting last week. Madison Mayor Troy Trulock was good enough to come to the ribbon cutting. He had a delegation of dignitaries from Hungary, a mayor of a town the size of Madison, and a deputy mayor and chief of staff, both from a city the size of Huntsville.

Ribbon cutting at MindGear Labs.

The cutting of the ribbon! Tia is on the far left, Me in the white shirt, and Mayor Trulock next to me. Sara is hiding behind Tia. The Hungarian delegation was standing next to the mayor.

How appropriate it was to have a delegation from another country, given the international nature of the fab lab network. We spent a lot of time talking to the Mayor and the delegation. Eva, who is the mayor of the small town, (I don’t remember her last name) presented us with a wooden cut of a temple. We immediately recognized it as having been done on the laser cutter. It seemed fitting to carve out Eva’s name on the CNC Mill and present it to her.

We were exhausted by the time of the ribbon cutting. We had pulled a lot of extra hours getting the place ready. Our big project was completing the counter space in the center of the lab. The three counters are shaped so together they look like a giant gear. We built them on the CNC, and I plan to write up the build process in a later post. In any case it was a huge project and like most ambitious projects now that its done, I’m glad its finally finished, I’m proud of how it came out, and I can see all the flaws that I would do differently should I build another.

Lengthwise shot of MindGear's new counters.

Shot of the food! And our new counters.

Tia’s mother Jona took the pictures, and she came down from DC to help us out. We wouldn’t have made it without her help. She is quite the lady, having just got back from serving in the Peace Corps for the last two years. Where she broke her arm mountain climbing, I might add. Every time she comes down she brings this huge bottle of energy that I wish I could tap into.

Picture of mother Jona and daughter Tia at MindGear.

Jona and Tia. The brawn and the brains behind MindGear.

Our members came in and set up some of their projects so everyone could see what can be accomplished at MindGear. Chris ran a couple projects on the laser cutter and was good enough to describe what he was doing to the crowd. Renee set up her Makey Makey and let people play the piano’s by tapping bananna’s that she hooked into a circuit. I think I have pictures of this project that I haven’t written up yet. Several other members brought in their projects for everyone to look at. Thanks to everyone for showing the Ribbon Cutting crowd all the great things that you’ve built!

Banana's hooked up to a Makey Makey to complete a circuit.

Banana’s and electronics to make a piano. I liked playing Pac Man with Play Doh myself but to each their own.

All in all there were about 60-70 folks that came to our celebration. Thanks to each and every one of you for attending. I hope you’ll come back and hang out with our existing members, make something practical or cool, and have fun!