Recap of International Tabletop Day

By: Rob Adams on April 8, 2013

By Rob

So the Saturday before last saw us making board games as part of the International Tabletop Day celebration. As part of this celebration Wil Wheaton published files to cut out small versions of himself and Felicia Day so gamers all over the country could have them on their tabletops. But we said, no! We want full sized figures. So I took the same images and scaled them up. We mounted them to 1/4 ” MDF we cut out on the CNC and voila!

IMG_0467[1] I tried to make a video of the process, but got the giggles and couldn’t say anything coherent. That’s Michael hamming it up for the camera.

We had a great time and had a number of folks come in to make their own games. I wanted to show off a few that were made. The first was made by a couple of teachers who specialize with kids on the Autism Scale. i didn’t get a great shot of the pieces, but they are puzzle pieces made out of acrylic, and turned out great. I also liked the candy-land style board.

IMG_0459[1]I don’t fully recall the name of this one, but this is more of a puzzle game. He did print the name on the box, its just hard to read. I ran through a game with him and he had the rules worked out to fine detail. Basically you’re trying to move all of your counters to the far side of the board, but you have to watch out for pitfalls (the black boxes) and there is some strategy about how you move your pieces relative to your opponents.

IMG_0460[1]This game maker wanted to create something concerning the current state of affairs between North and South Korea. The yin-yang symbol is ironic. I liked his bomb symbol on his box.

IMG_0461[1]Finally we had another pretty detailed strategy game. I didn’t get to play it with him, but the premise revolves around surviving a volcano. He had an extensive ruleset, suggesting that he had thought this one out too.

IMG_0465[1]There were several other games that I can’t show, either because they finished near the end and I didn’t get pictures, or there would be some proprietary images shown. But we saw a lot of creative games created, and a lot of folks learned how to use a good part of the fab lab. Our next workshop will be on May 11, where we will be making things for our pets! Check us out then.