Prototyping Services


Get your idea out of your head and into your hands! MindGear Labs will help you make your great idea a reality.  MindGear Labs personnel have a range of expertise, including multiple engineering disciplines, business management, social and behavioral sciences, industrial design, and more. And we have the MindGear Labs community of fabologists as well as extensive contacts in the high tech hub Huntsville, AL area to tap into for specialized experience. Contact us today to get your idea ready to be presented to the world!

Concept Development

We offer a tried and true prototyping methodology designed to develop your idea as efficiently as possible. Shown below, our methodology uses the “Build-Test-Build” philosophy. Used to great effectiveness in the 1960’s to put men on the moon, this philosophy means building multiple prototypes to uncover and solve design issues, explore options, and quickly show results. Contact us today to get a quote to develop your product.

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Feasibility Analysis

Not sure if your idea is ready to go forward, but want another set of eyes to evaluate it? MindGear Labs can help. We commit to an intensive effort, dedicating 3-4 of our capable team to your idea for a half-day to research everything we can on your concept. We will explore your idea and come back with an analysis of its physical practicality, manufacturing options, and financial feasibility. These analyses cost $750 and are completed within 48 hours of agreement. Look at our options below to see what MindGear Labs could produce on your idea!

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