Pinterest is a great source for project ideas.

By: Rob Adams on January 25, 2013

Had an extra 2 hours this morning because the base opened late. I was working but I kinda fell into Pinterest for an hour or so. Very fun site. In any case I repinned a bunch of new pictures and reorganized the boards. We have a board for member creations, for our classes (like our electronics and kids classes) and a bunch of pictures I repinned today from and about other fab labs. If you’re looking for ideas then I think our boards are a good place to look. And our MindGear boards only represent me looking around for a little while. I’m sure there are tons more ideas out there.

Also I found several great infographics on how a fab lab works, how 3d printers work and graphics on the various machines (laser cutter, vinyl cutter, CNC mill, engraving/milling machine and 3d printer) that you can find in a fab lab. I’ll probably pull a few of these graphics and highlight them in a future post. But check them out for yourself especially if you’re still unsure of what a fab lab is like.