Our Christmas ornaments

By: Rob Adams on December 7, 2012

Christmas ornaments made at MindGear Labs

Speed Christmas ornament making. The next sport to be added in the Winter Olympics.

Sarah and Rob had a little competition Wednesday to see what sort of ornament we could make in an hour. So here they are.Sarah took a scrap piece of wood, painted it and did vinyl cutouts to decorate. I’ve seen other blocks she’s done where she took a little more time with prepping the board and more vinyl layers and they look very sharp. I did a draft 3d print of a leaf in a circular strut. I could tweak mine by printing at higher resolution, removing the raft material (the grid underneath the ornament that held the ornament down during printing, and then painting mine. Of course we cant enter our Holiday Decoration Competition but you can! Just need $20 in cash or a toy for Adopt a Wish. Entry fees due by Dec 15th and judging on Dec 20th. You don’t have to present for the judging and you don’t need to be a MindGear member to enter.