New Facebook Contest and Experiment

By: Rob Adams on June 17, 2013

Concept Facebook Chain

We have a brown border all around our lab, and we’re going to fill it with pithy, inspirational quotes from famous inventors, leaders and thinkers. But there are so many good ones, so which ones should we use? I thought to ask you, but how would I incorporate that into our Monday social media competitions? Well I have an interesting experiment to try.

At noon today I’ll post on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter a link to a survey on some of the best quotes I’ve been able to find. I hope you will go to the survey and vote on your three favorite quotes from the 14 I’ve listed. And you’ll want to send the survey forward to your friends that reside in the North Alabama area.

Why? The survey will ask you who referred you to the survey. If you heard about the survey directly from us, then list MindGear. Otherwise list the person that forwarded it to you. We will construct a tree, like the one above, of all the responses. So you can see how strong your social network is. We’ll figure out which branch is the strongest and award the top four contributors a $40 gift certificate for towards classes and camps at MindGear.

So what questions might you have?

Look for the survey post at 12 noon today. Show Captain Sisko that you’ve got a better social network! Don’t worry, he can console himself with the fact that he was the best Captain.