New Competitions on Facebook and Google+!

By: Rob Adams on June 10, 2013

Our summer camp giveaway went so well we’ve been discussing on how to keep the momentum going. So we are going to do giveaways every Monday for the foreseeable future. And we’re going to start today. Tia will be showing off several magazine holders for Rocket City Pets and wants you to vote on which one looks the best. And we will randomly pick one person to win a prize. Tune in on Facebook at 12 noon today to hear more details.

We are also announcing next weeks competition every week so you can get your mind warmed up for the upcoming topic. For the next couple of weeks we will have competitions regarding quotes with which we will decorate the lab. Some weeks we will randomly select a winner from all the participants, others will be first to answer a question correctly, or the answer that gets the most votes.

See you at 12 today. And please let your friends know about our competitions.