Maker Camp for Teens from July 8 to August 16

By: Rob Adams on June 25, 2013

Hey everyone! MindGear Labs will be an affiliate for the Maker Camps for teens. Every day at 4 we’ll be on Google+ Hangout building some cool contraption with the folks at Make:. Each week has a different theme, involving propulsion, art & design, music, future designs and more. Check out their website for more.

Our staff at MindGear will work these cool projects with you, especially our engineering and graphic design college students. We will have the Hangout on the big screen, and all the materials on hand for the projects. You just have to bring yourself. And $10 for each day or $25 for the week.

We will put out more about the camps in the next weeks but go ahead and put this in your phone! Should be great fun for everyone.