Lights! Camera! Fun!

By: Rob Adams on February 25, 2013

Saturday we had our stop motion animation class. I know I had a lot of fun, and more importantly the kids did as well. First we talked about how stop motion animation works and then we made a short clip together as a class. I had cut out some simple shapes I sketched up on the laser cutter just for this purpose. In case you’re wondering that is a robo-dog dodging baseballs and catching a bone.

We then talked about ways to enhance our video with  principles of storytelling, camera movement, sound and other basics of moviemaking. Then each of the kids put together their own clip. Craig had done some stop motion animation at school so he was an old hand at this. He used scotch tape to make his peppermint hover for  … Peppermint Invasion!

Willow had a great starting shot and a funny storyline for her clip, Jailbreak!  Look closely at the guy in the back seat at the end of the movie. You should be able to see handcuffs.

Finally Dane’s video attempted a lot of camera movement. You can watch LEGO man and the truck. With the help of some double sided tape the LEGO man can be seen climbing into the truck.

And as a bonus, because I know you want to know what I had for breakfast yesterday, here is a video of my disappearing sandwich.

Let us know which movie is your favorite in the comments!