Kids’ Page


At MindGear we specialize in helping kids from the ages of 7-13 learn about science, engineering and mathematics. We believe that this age group frequently gets lost in the shuffle, with most programs focused on pre-school, early elementary, and high school students. We know that your child isn’t going to learn anything if he doesn’t enjoy the process. We make sure all of our classes are hands on, so they can truly experience the learning process.

  • Field Trips – Bring your school class, homeschool group, or club to MindGear to have a fun and enriching time!
  • First LEGO League – Signup is now closed. We are hosting five teams this year and are looking forward to a spectacular competition season!
  • Homeschool Classes – MindGear is ready and able to assist your son/daughter in their homeschool education. We are currently offering Elementary Engineers: Simple Machines as well as Computer Science for Middle Schoolers.