Kids Experimenting with Electronics!

By: Rob Adams on May 16, 2013

What could your child build if they had access to a fully stocked electronics lab, instructors to help them, and a week to work? Quite a lot! Our summer camp on electronics starts the week of May 27th.  We’re going to start with the basic principles of electronics and work our way up to microcontrollers all in one week. Your child will get their own portable experiment kit that is contained in an altoids tin. They’ll start with a simple light circuit but will quickly move up to standard circuits like voltage dividers. They’ll get to play with our diagnostic equipment like our oscilliscope and function generator. While most of our projects will be done on the solderless breadboard they’ll learn to solder too! There is still space available for both the May and August classes so check it out. Your kids will thank you for letting them learn something so cool and fun as electronics!