Corporate Memberships – Use MindGear to expand your research and development capability. Your employees can use our lab to develop prototypes, create displays, and build components for their experiments. Purchase a membership for $1500/yr which entitles you to grant 3 individuals the ability to build prototypes and support your research goals.

Prototyping Services – Need more help building a prototype? Our team is ready to help. Hire us to develop your latest brainstorm! Read about our prototyping services options here.

Short Production Runs – You have your design completed, but need it to be built. We will take your file and create your part for you. We charge a per hour fee for each machine.

CNC Mill $90/hour
Laser Cutter $75/hour
Milling Machine $20/hour
Vinyl Cutter $10/hour
3d Printer $10/hour
CNC Sewing/Embroidery Machine$10/hour

Note: Materials are charged at standard rates. Additional lab assistant time for post processing (machine operation time included in rates above) is charged at $25/hour.

Team Building Exercises – Our lab is a great place to meet for team building exercises, promoting creativity within your workforce and instilling a sense of accomplishment with teammates. Contact us for a quote on your next teambuilding exercise.