Homeschool classes for April and May

By: Rob Adams on April 3, 2013

By Rob


We have set up a homeschool class for both 7-10 yr olds and 11+ for the months of April and May. Given that we only have two months left in the school year, we are scheduling these classes individually. For the 7-10 yr olds we will have a COGS session followed by a different science class each week. We will have a break in between COGS and the science class so the kids too. For the older kids we have a three class series on creating their own board game. In the process they will learn how to use half of the digital fabrication equipment in the lab. Soon we will add another class series for the older kids for May. Check out the descriptions in our store.

Living Social coupon holders can register for these classes by e-mailing rob [at] mindgearlabs [dot] com. One of these 2-21/2 hour homeschool classes will require 2 of the 4 class pack from Living Social.