Happy Valentine’s Day

By: Rob Adams on February 14, 2013

Carving of letters spelling Tia.

Tia carved in MDF, and a heart that didn’t quite work out.

So I’ve been working the CNC Mill pretty hard this last week, building furniture for our ribbon cutting next Tuesday. Since I’m carving stuff anyways I’ve been sneaking other cuts into the program while it cuts furniture pieces. So above you can see how I carved out Tia’s name, which came out great. And I carved out a heart that was supposed to be engraved with Rob & Tia, which did not come out so well. And you can also see Tia’s top secret project. Ok its not so secret but Tia wants to tell it to you herself. So close your right eye when you look at the picture, so you won’t look at her laser cut interlocking pieces.

Hey stop looking! Bad….