Q: Do I have to have a technical background to build my ideas at Mindgear?

A: No! As long as you can use a simple drawing tool like Paint or Inkscape you can draw out the parts you want or the engravings you wish to create. MindGear employee’s will be glad to help you get started as well. Building 3d parts, such as those made on the 3d printer, require a 3d representation from a CAD file or a sketching tool such as Blender. However there are a host of websites where you can find something similar to what you need. MindGear associates can help you modify those designs to what you need.

Q: Do I have to purchase software to create my designs?

A: Most all projects can be completed using open source software. MindGear will have in stock thumb drives that are preloaded with most commonly used open source programs.

Q: Do I need to have a background in woodworking or metal fabrication to use the MindGear Lab?
A: Nope. Your initial membership will include a class that will teach you how to use the equipment safely. Since the equipment is computer controlled it’s actually safer than working with woodworking or metal fabrication tools because you don’t have to be standing next to the equipment while it is working.