3d printer and printed case for an iPhone.You can create items up to a 5 in across, deep and tall in our 3d printer. The printer create items of great complexity, even printing assemblies that are fully enclosed. The printers intricate capabilities are unrivaled by traditional machine shop practices. The 3d printer creates parts in ABS, a plastic similar to that used for most toys. Our current 3d Printer is an Afinia H-series. Working Materials: ABS plastic, Nylon (coming soon).


ShopBot CNC MillThe CNC Mill cuts parts up to 4×8 ft dimensions from various woods and aluminum. The CNC Mill is computer controlled and cuts with high accuracy. The system also resurfaces parts to a high finish, avoiding time consuming, difficult sanding and finishing processes. The CNC mill is 3 axis and can shape 3d relief parts as long as one section remains flat on the working surface. Our current CNC Mill is a ShopBot PRS Standard 96 x 48 with spindle. Working Materials: Engineered Woods (MDF, plywood), Hardwoods (Maple, Oak, etc.), Acrylic Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Copper Sheet, Foam, PCB.

Epilog Laser CutterOur laser cutter engraves existing components, creating d├ęcor and embellishing your projects. Our cutter also cuts intricate parts out of acrylic, wood, aluminum, cardboard, magnetic sheets and any other non-transparent material. Our laser cutter is an Epilog Helix 50W CO2 system. Working Materials: (Etching and cutting) Engineered Woods (MDF, plywood), Hardwoods (Maple, Oak, etc.), Acrylic Sheet. (etching only) Glass, most metals, Marble, Tile.


Vinyl CutterOur vinyl cutter is used to mill thin sheets of copper into body mounted circuit boards. Additionally the cutter can cut out vinyl for stickers, posters and banners, etc. Our Vinyl Cutter is a Roland GX-24.Working Materials: Vinyl, Masking Materials.



Roland MDX-20 Milling Machine Our milling machine is perfect for creating circuit boards, small models, and other objects. The mill also uses a touch sensor to create 3d models of existing components, which can then be used in milling other components on any of the other machines. Our milling machine is a Roland MDX-20. Working Materials: Modeling Wax, Balsa, Hardwoods (maple, oak, etc.), Acrylic Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Copper Sheet, Foam, PCB.


Equipment Large PrinterOur large format printer can print from a roll up to 24 inches wide. Its great for making posters, blueprints, banners, maps, game boards and the like. Working Materials: Paper (heavy, gloss).



CNC Sewing Machine – coming soon!

Electronics Workbench – coming soon!


  • Various engineered and hard woods
  • Aluminum 6061
  • Copper sheets and two sided circuit board sheets
  • Acrylics in various colors
  • Vinyls in various colors
  • Molding and casting materials
  • Large roll paper
  • Foam
  • Wide variety of electronic components
  • Various fasteners and other hardware