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MindGear Labs is a rapid prototyping lab that is open to the public. We have a number of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines like 3d printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, etc. We help you use this equipment to build your great invention, custom product for your home or business, make a great gift, or make a prop or costume. We teach classes and do workshops for kids and adults on a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects. We do short production runs for local businesses. Look through our list of topics below to get started on your next project!

20130328-072456.jpgDesign/Software – Know what you want to build? Then download the right software and get started designing! Is your project a complex one? Break it down into parts, build each one and then assemble. Sound complicated? You have lots of help available! Check out all the options below or just come in and talk to us!



2d3d-design-lab22d/3d Classes – We teach classes on 2d design and 3d design alternating weeks on Wednesdays and Sundays. These classes will get you started in design for your next project and they’re free to everyone! Sign up for the class in our store.



classes-and-activitiesClasses and Activities – We offer a wide range of classes and activities for adults, teens and kids. Check out our Fall Schedule. Each two weeks we start a new theme for our activities.



Membership PlansMemberships – Ready to become a Fabologist? We’re excited to have you come! Our membership plans are family friendly and give you access to several activities each month for free!



PinterestBlog/Pinterest – Want to make something but not sure what? Look through our blog and Pinterest site for inspiration!



Social Activities – MindGear Labs is a meeting place for builders, makers and geeks of all flavors! Don’t have a project in mind? You will after hanging out with the crowd. Each Friday night is a different activity. Come for Show and Tell and see all the great projects being built at MindGear. Or hang out with the group at Sci-Fi Movie Night. Design and Stein is new, hear a cool lecture on a science/engineering topic and build a small model related to the topic. And if that isn’t enough, try some local beer as well! And we’re constantly having parties and other fun activities at MindGear. Check the calendar for our next Friday night activity.

equipmentEquipment – Interested in learning more about our capabilities? Read more about our equipment/materials here.




competitionCompetitions/Challenges – MindGear periodically holds competitions in design and innovation. And we have created a database of individual/team competitions. Find a cool project here!




club-2Clubs and Organizations – MindGear Labs wants to foster a community of builders, inventors and crafters. We co-sponsor the Rocket City Inventor’s Club. Have an idea for a new club or wish to work with MindGear with your existing organization? Contact to start a discussion.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us.