First LEGO League Teams Sign-Up!

By: Rob Adams on June 25, 2013

Since we’ve opened I’ve been asked over and over again if we would sponsor First LEGO League teams come this fall. I think with this much demand I should take on that responsibility. We have several knowledgeable folks teaching LEGO robotics classes at MindGear, I have been a judge for several years, and we have our new project table (which is a regulation FLL table.)

My original plan was to let up to five teams use the table for free from 4-6 on weekdays. But with such a demand for coaching services I’m seriously considering offering that as well. My plan is to :

I’m planning on a organizational/informational meeting in the next few weeks. So if you’re interested I need to hear from you. Please e-mail me at I need to know the following from you.

We’ll run this first come first served and see what response we get. If we don’t fill five teams we will still make the table available to other teams on a space available basis.

  • Deborah Walker

    How does this overlap with Tennessee valley BEST timeline? Can kids who are part of school robotics programs participate? What are the ages? Thanks!

  • MindGearLabs

    Deborah – I’m not sure about the BEST timeline, I’m more familiar with FLL. I’d rather that kids that aren’t part of other teams join our team, not sure if kids are allowed to be on more than one team. And the age range is 9-14.