Famous Quote Survey and Contest

By: Rob Adams on June 17, 2013

Concept Facebook ChainIf you read our earlier post you know we’re doing this survey to pick the best quotes from famous people to decorate our lab. And to get your input we’ve conceived of this contest to see who has the strongest social network. If you want to know the details, just read the earlier post. The details are simple though, please take this very quick survey to tell us which famous quotes you think are the best, and forward the survey to your friends in the North Alabama area. We will tally the responses and construct a tree line the one above. The top four contributors in the strongest branch of the tree will each win $40 gift certificates for classes and camps at MindGear. So take the survey, forward it to your friends, see how deep your social branch will go, and possibly win $40 towards our awesome classes and camps.

You’re welcome to comment on our social channels, and we’ll monitor the comments when we’re not having fun with our kids camps or hanging out with our members. However the only votes we can count will be on the survey itself. We’ll post at least once a day showing the current results, and we’ll post the final results after Friday at 5pm when we cut off the competition. Thanks for playing! Lets see how this experiment goes.