Fab Academy – Make Something Big

By: Rob Adams on March 29, 2013

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this project – a fence to place around a kids play area. I was already comfortable wih using the ShopBot, and was only limited at first by my design skills. I started the process by making a verticle board and cloning it to make the entire row. Next I made a horizontal board and cloned it to make three total. The problem that I ran into was Grouping. Each time that I tried to group a horizontal board and vertical board, the interior boxes were also merged. I finally resolved the problem by Indiviually placing a vertical boardo onto the horizontal one, and the grouping just those, followed by adding a vertical board and grouping it only. I cut out two inch notches at the bottom, in order to insert cross planks as support. I did not realize at the time that I had not placed the notches in the sane locations on the small planks, but that actually helped to provide further stability. I added in the lab name, and some whimsical designs since this is for the kids area.


The process of cutting the single 8×4 board was simple, and accomplished by use of ShopBot software, PartWorks. The cut time was about an hour.

The pieces all fit snugly and I painted the fence white. I left the engraved designs and letter natural olored to provide some contrast. At some point, I may paint them with different colors.