Designing Spacecraft with Kids

By: Rob Adams on May 15, 2013

IMG_0504[1]If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Google+ you know that we’re giving away a free summer camp each day for the next three weeks. We’ve already given away two and we’re going to give a spacecraft design camp away today. All you have to do to win is be the first to answer the question we ask right.

The spacecraft design camp will teach your son/daughter about exploring space and how spacecraft operate. We could spend all week lecturing your kids about space exploration but its summer and they’ve spent all year in a classroom. We could also do the same demonstrations with balloons and Estes rockets they they’ve probably seen before. But we’re going to do something completely different. We’re going to design a spacecraft from the ground up.

Now you might ask how can they get something that complex done in a week? Well we’ve worked out a lot of the details for the kids. What they will do is pick a mission. They could do a crewed mission to Mars, build a lunar base, a robotic mission to deep space, or whatever else they can come up with. Then we’ll split them into small teams where they will design a different part of the vehicle each day. We have set up the forms and files so that they can print out scientific instruments on the 3d printer, and cut out and mold balsa wood for spacecraft structures on the laser cutter. We will decal our spacecraft using the vinyl cutter, and carve communications dishes and other large components using the CNC or engraving machines. Your kids are going to love this class if they like exploring space or model building. And they’re going to leave camp with a working knowledge of what it takes to visit another planet, and how to build models using digital fabrication equipment. And they’ll walk out with their own smaller version of their spacecraft, printed on the 3d printer.

Who wouldn’t want to attend this camp?