Creations from Young Minds

By: Rob Adams on April 16, 2013

Spring Break may have ended a couple of weeks ago, but I still have pictures of all the great things we did. Our morning class was called Making Things with Young Minds and we had 10-12 kids there all week. Each day we did a COGS class and then one of our science classes, with plenty of time to play in between. Our COGS class was a lot of fun and very challenging. Over five days they built a ball catcher, a tower of straws, buildings from marshmallows and toothpicks and a ball drop.

Our science classes were well received as well. We did squishy circuits, optics and light, how stuff works, and basic machines. The game where we tried to shoot each others targets using mirrors and prisms was a lot of fun but the surprise favorite class was how stuff works. The kids paired off and took apart a toy (that we provided) to see how it worked. They learned how to take things apart methodically and label each part so they could put it back together. The picture below shows one of the toy cell phones they took apart.IMG_0425[1]

And some toys couldn’t be taken apart so easily. The Hulk spinning light was molded together so we sawed it apart. Hulk Smashed!

IMG_0423[1]     The girls that helped saw the Hulk apart were quite pleased with their results. Of course after that everyone wanted to saw something apart!

On our last day we used our creative juices to make anything we wanted out of cardboard. Quite a sharp looking group of kids, huh?IMG_0451[1]