Digital Fabrication Classes

Intro to Inkscape – Learn how to use the open source software Inkscape. Emphasis is on creating designs for use on the laser cutter, CNC mill, Vinyl Cutter or for your own use. Check availability.

Intro to TinkerCad – Learn the software that so many have used to create fantastic 3d designs. Develop a building or person that can be printed on the 3d printer. Check availability.

Laser Cutter 101 – Learn the secrets to effectively using the Laser Cutter. Explore press fit for easy assembly of Laser cut parts. Test different inking methods for coloring etched materials. And make your own laser cut box! Check availability.

Intro to CNC – Come learn the intricacies of working on the CNC Mill! We will cover the details of how to load the ShopBot PRS Standard, how to set up the design file, prepping the ShopBot for cutting, and safety protocols available while cutting. Each person will cut out a small object (approximately 2′ by 2′) from 3/4 in MDF or similar. Check availability.