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MindGear Labs is proud to offer a wide range of classes and workshops! We want to help you get started on your project, learn something new, pick up a new hobby and just have fun. Our classes are directed towards adults or kids. categories are there to define slightly different teaching styles but if you see a class that is for kids and you’re an adult or vice versa then don’t be shy.

All of our classes are heavy on hands-on instruction and light on mathematics and theory. In fact, we include a short project with every class we teach. We understand and appreciate the need for fundamentals and theoretical value but we leave that level of instruction for our local universities. Instead we cover enough math to give you a basic understanding and then concentrate on helping you make. Hands on learning allows you to understand it in a way that no amount of lecturing will ever do.

Our classes are structured to make it easy to learn and maximize fun. Unless otherwise indicated, each class is self contained so that you don’t make a commitment other than a single class for a single day. You can pick up follow on classes when it fits your schedule. We give guidelines on which classes you should have taken previously before attending a given class but we do not require it. After all you may feel you’ve met prerequisites in other ways: at school, on the job or learning on your own.


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