Classes On Group Solving

By: Rob Adams on January 23, 2013

Saturday we had our first kids class and it went very well. First the kids warmed up their brains with a verbal project – come up with as many ways to drain a pool without using a hose. Some of the ideas were inventive to say the least. Most were pretty clever, like using a backhoe or freezing the water into cubes and picking them out. My personal favorite was ask Chuck Norris to do it. I guess once he jumps in the pool the water is too scared and jumps out.


The kids were asked to build a ramp and catch system to capture as many balls as they can. To make the project more challenging the balls were of different sizes and weights, ping pong balls, little tennis balls for small dogs, and golf balls. Tia and Sara divided the kids into two teams and let them have at it.


The teams had an eclectic set of supplies including foam cups, spaghetti (uncooked), paper plates, stickers, marshmallows, wooden blocks and small sheets of MDF, and a tin can. Some of the solutions were pretty interesting.



Smiling kids that learned something and nothing was destroyed. That’s a good day at MindGear.

COGS is a recurring class where kids get a new challenge every time. We plan on offering COGS on occasional Saturdays. Also we are offering COGS as a homeschool class series during the day. Contact Tia for more details.