Classes are out! Members get a class free!

By: Rob Adams on January 24, 2013

We are finally ready to roll out our catalog of classes! We have worked for a while to come up with a class set that starts out with a gentle learning curve, builds on each other, gives a lot of hands on experience, and are fun!

We’ve divided our adult classes into electronics to digital fabrication. Our kids classes cover computers, science and engineering, problem solving, and history. We even have a crafting section for everyone.

We expect to add classes continuously, especially in the kids and crafting sections. Let us know if there is something you think we should be offering. Our new online shopping cart will let you reserve a spot. And we keep waiting lists for classes. If your favorite class isn’t offered when you need it to be then drop us a line to be put on a waiting list.

Finally, as a thank you to all our paid members you get your first class free! (1-1/2 hr classes only). We appreciate y’all creating our great community and letting us help you make cool projects. We’ve had several folks who are thinking about signing up recently so we will extend the free class to the next 10 new members this month.

See you soon!