Christmas Camps!

By: Rob Adams on December 15, 2013

Christmas Camps 2013














The Vikings are coming to MindGear! These camps are taught by two real Vikings (Icelanders). In addition to the different daily topic, each camp will include learning words and phrases in Scandinavian languages. Plus we will reenact Viking battles, try Scandanvian cuisine and do so much more! Click here to register!

MineCraft + MindGear = Fun! We are going to have a blast doing MineCraft at MindGear. We will use our 3d printer to print buildings that you create in MineCraft, we’re also going to make swords, picks and ore that you design with our laser cutter. One day we’re going to learn all about Redstone switches and rail components and what it can teach us about computers and electronics. Finally we’re going to have a LAN party where we create our own city, Mina! Click here to register!