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Robot Hand Week 3

By: Micheal Hartman on May 8, 2013

So it has been a little while since I have had the chance to work on my robotic hand, but this past week I have made a leap in a working prototype. I built a working test bed that I …

Travelling to Saturn

By: Rob Adams on April 26, 2013

  Last week we were contacted by a couple members of a UAH team designing a spacecraft. UAH engineering seniors do a senior design project, called an integrated project team, or IPT. The competition between the teams is fierce, and …

Quick Table

By: Rob Adams on April 23, 2013

One of our members, Chris, came in last week with an emergency. Their glass tabletop broke in two and they had company coming in. So as a stopgap we cut a 4′ diameter piece of MDF as a replacement! Chris …

The First Invention at MindGear

By: Rob Adams on April 12, 2013

By Rob I’m quite excited to tell everyone about the first invention created at MindGear. Marc Trepanier won our Pet Product Innovation Competition back in January. His concept was the Canine Cabana (TM). See what I did there, I put …

Employee Orientation

By: Rob Adams on April 2, 2013

By Rob We’ve added another employee, Pierre, to our little family, and he’s getting familar with the Laser Cutter and Inkscape. So this is his first project. I think it turned out well!

Christening the boat

By: Rob Adams on April 2, 2013

By Rob Boats have to be named. Its the law! This was done on the vinyl cutter by one of our members. Looks pretty good to me.

Robot Hand – Week 2

By: Rob Adams on April 1, 2013

By Micheal Using the cardboard mock up from last week I have been working on the mechanized articulation of the hand. instead of building a brand new remote control system I dissected a cheap remote control taking out the motors …

Robot hand – Week 1

By: Rob Adams on March 25, 2013

By Micheal Have you ever wanted to reach out and grab something, but you don’t want to risk losing a finger, or maybe you just have an interest in remote control electronics. Well this is the project for you. For …

Hockey pucks for kids team

By: Rob Adams on March 13, 2013

Ryan etched these hockey pucks for the kids team that he coaches. It’s a little hard to see the etching but the looked great in person. If you look closely you can see the Crush logo in the black rubber. …

Lodge sign for dad

By: Rob Adams on March 13, 2013

So Chris came in today and engraved a beautiful sign for his dad, while dad watched. This is on Black Acrylic. And it took hardly any time at all. It’s fun to make things for people.