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By: Rob Adams on February 6, 2017

Folks, we have some pending news about a new expansion, and starting to take memberships again! Keep watching, our announcement will be sometime this spring.

Santa’s Lab 2015

By: Rob Adams on April 24, 2015

Santas Lab 2015 Poster Where: MindGear Labs, 8331 Madison Blvd When:Alternating Tuesdays starting May 12 (6-8pm). Why: To help children in need in 2015! Please come help us design toys for the 2015 holiday season. As a “Design Elf” you …

Fabologist Friday

By: Chris Shiver on April 22, 2014

Greetings Fabologists, We here at the Gear love our members, and we want to show our appreciation for you and all that you do.  This Friday we will be having an appreciation night for our members and friends.  We will …

Fabology 9/17 — Kanban Board

By: Tia Wheeler on September 12, 2013

Ever feel like you have a million things to do but can’t keep everything straight? Come out and make a Kanban Organizational Board with us at MindGear Labs on Thursday, September 17th! Originally used by Toyota to help their production process …

Fabology 9/5 — Drink Caddy

By: Tia Wheeler on August 29, 2013

Next Thursday’s project for Fabology is a Drink Caddy! Learn how to apply the Box Maker extension in Inkscape to create boxes fast and easy! In the spirit of this week’s theme, Brewing, we are using this extension to make a …