Birthday Parties!

By: Rob Adams on January 10, 2013

Birthday parties are typically scheduled for 11:00AM-12:30PM on Saturdays. That allows it to be a little more private because Lowe Mill doesn’t open to the public until noon.

The party includes 1 1/2 hours and up to 10 friends, plus the guest of honor, and the cost is $220. It includes:

-A laser engraved birthday party plaque with the signatures of the guests.

-A laser-engraved party favors:

LEGO WeDO: a laser cut zoo animal charm for each attendee to take home

Minecraft: laser cut sword or creepers

Makers Party: Laser cut take-home trebuchet

-2 Large Pizzas

-Box drinks (Capri Sun or similar)

-Plates, napkins

Minecraft is the favorite theme. With this theme, party-goers play in one of our exclusive Minecraft worlds. Partygoers play in our Mina: Electronic City world in creative mode. We can also change the party favors from name tags to small Minecraft creepers or swords that we make on the laser cutter.

We can also do a makers-style party where the kids make a laser cut trebuchet. They then play a game where they try to knock down “zombies” (which are little plastic toys) with small koosh balls. The kids get to take home their trebuchets, which then acts as the party favor.

Unfortunately, our BrushBots program is no longer available as the kits for it are discontinued. However, we have opened LEGO WeDo as a party option where K-2 partygoers can build and operate robotic zoo animals.