The joy of failure

By: Rob Adams on March 6, 2013


A month ago I was trying to print out this ball within a ball. It really shows off the capabilities of the 3d printer, especially the ability to make things that can’t be made any other way. But I couldn’t get the ball to print correctly. As you can see from the photo the ball would come out warped. What was happening is that the raft the part (not shown in the picture) that holds the ball to the printer base was breaking and allowing the ball to slide around during the latter part of the print. Sine the ball has a small base it was easier for the base to break. I had to try several times before I could get a good print.

This project tells a good story about how to use the fab lab. While most projects are simple enough to get done in a single run, when you’re pushing the machines to do something special you may have to take multiple attempts to get the result you want. And the best way to learn the capabilities of the lab is to come in and try things. When you try something here and it doesn’t come out right you’ll probably draw a crowd of folks that are interested in what cool thing you tried. And you and they both will come up with new ideas from your missed attempt. Failure is celebrated at MindGear, as it always leads to greater successes. As long as you keep trying.