3d printing will save us!

By: Rob Adams on February 15, 2013

Mock up of a Star Trek Replicator.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

The President mentioned 3d printing in the State of the Union address according to this article. Of all our machines our 3d printer is the one running the most. And its the one that I seem to have to repair the most often. We can make things that can’t be made any other way with a 3d printer, like complex parts that fit inside one another. But I’d say only about 2/3 of the prints we make are actually successful.

When the pundits talk about us having a Star Trek like replicator they’re generally talking about a 3d printer. And the costs have become pretty affordable. But the reliability and ability to make in different materials are still limited. And of course prints take hours. I look forward to the day that I can walk up to my device, tell it what I want and it materializes 3 seconds later. I guess until that day comes we’ll have to muddle through with the 3d printers we have now.

However, as limited as it is we can still make some cool stuff.