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Helping things happen at Mindgear By: Chris Shiver on Apr. 16

One of our members sent us a link to a vacuform build that they used our CNC machine to help create. This is just one example of how we are making things to help people who love to do, do …

Oobleck Fun at STEAMfest By: Rob Adams on Apr. 14

We helped put on a great activity last weekend! We built a tank to contain a non-Newtonian fluid, called Oobleck, with is roughly equal parts water and cornstarch. You can read about STEAMfest here. You can see us finish off …

New Teen/Adult Camps! By: Rob Adams on Apr. 10

Why should the kids have all the summer fun! Teens/Adults deserve cool science and programming projects as well. Every week starting late May we will have a new camp, strictly for teens and adults. Each camp runs the week, Monday-Friday …

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