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Fabologist Friday By: Chris Shiver on Apr. 22

Greetings Fabologists, We here at the Gear love our members, and we want to show our appreciation for you and all that you do.  This Friday we will be having an appreciation night for our members and friends.  We will …

Helping things happen at Mindgear By: Chris Shiver on Apr. 16

One of our members sent us a link to a vacuform build that they used our CNC machine to help create. This is just one example of how we are making things to help people who love to do, do …

Oobleck Fun at STEAMfest By: Rob Adams on Apr. 14

We helped put on a great activity last weekend! We built a tank to contain a non-Newtonian fluid, called Oobleck, with is roughly equal parts water and cornstarch. You can read about STEAMfest here. You can see us finish off …

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